Assisted Selling

Being a Know It All Show-Off Isn’t Always Bad

Especially when it comes to selling product. In fact, it can be the difference between a sale happening in-store, on-the-spot, or online at a later time — if at all.

An Assisted Sales team provides a dedicated team to the manufacturer — trained experts in its products — constantly interacting with Retail Sales Associates, Store Management, and shoppers. Assisted selling is a delicate, fine art and one of the major benefits of our Retail Associate Training. With in-depth product knowledge and confidence in what is being sold, associates are able to anticipate what a customer needs more so than what they want. And that empathy and understanding is key in not only guiding consumers along the right path, but also instills a favorable impression for repeat revenue down the road.

Imagine going into a store and not being sold something, but being informed about something. Not only are you going to be more open minded about what’s being said, you’re going to be receptive to recommendations. That’s the beauty of assisted selling. And we’re incredibly proficient in putting our extensive years in the retail world to work for your products. Our assisted selling program is like having all the information about a product online in human form. Simply put, there’s no substitute for real-life interactions.

Additionally, an Assisted Sales team is your link to the retailer’s field teams. At many retailers, this represents an untapped reservoir of sales. Many retailers allow the field to launch incremental promotions triggering incremental buys. Working with the retailer’s field teams, our Assisted Sales representatives often can secure incremental floor space and secondary locations — driving incremental sales.

Premium’s experts engage customers by:

  • Understanding their unique needs, spending thresholds, and lifestyles
  • Demonstrating deep, practical knowledge of the product and its features
  • Recommending the most suitable option
  • Answering product questions
  • Overcoming objections
  • Suggesting relevant product add-ons or upgrades

Our assisted selling experts aren’t contractors. They’re W-2 Premium employees who will make a real difference at the point of purchase.

The bottom line: our assisted selling program gives you a better bottom line.