Product Demos

Building Revenue, One Interaction at a Time

You know those demonstrators at grocery stores and beauty/fragrance sections in department stores who appear pained to be there? Completely disengaged from their duties?

If they aren’t excited, how can potential customers expect to be? Simply put: they can’t.

We know product demos are more than handing out samples. It’s about hiring team members who are passionate to learn and represent your products in the best light. It’s about educating, engaging, and ultimately converting.

Premium approaches product demos differently.

We don’t simply flood stores and markets with people peddling your products. Far from it. We match the right demonstration specialists in the right stores within the right markets for the right impact.

We pride ourselves on our adaptability and our keen obsession of constantly improving. We judge the success of each demonstration, store by store, to ensure KPIs are met. Our voluminous catalog of specialists means that we will have someone highly trained for your brand and product readily available for energized, engaged demonstrations with each and every interaction.

When the process is over, we report crucial sales numbers and other important take-aways so we can continually refine our approach for measurable, incremental success.

Whether it’s part of an overarching campaign initiative or a matter of simple brand exposure, Premium will demonstrate unparalleled product demo results.

Hear it for Yourself

“…The Premium team was able to provide in store sales support, real-time customer feedback and product training that was invaluable to understanding the performance of the program and driving sales at the store level. Not only did they engage hundreds of contractor customers on our new offering, they captured names and contact information for these customers so that we can build an ongoing relationship. They also made sure our end cap was up and trained hundreds of associates. The program delivered excellent short term benefits…but the long term dividend of this…will be huge!”

-Lithonia Lighting Vice President of Retail Sales, Lithonia Lighting

“As our high season approached in 2012, using [Premium’s] QTrax POS, we discovered that some of our historically top-selling SKUs were underperforming forecasts in key retail locations. We had some ideas as to what the cause of the problems might be, but Premium helped us to quickly confirm the issues consumers were encountering in our high priority stores. They also rectified the problems with spot packing down product, organizing our space and updating our on hand counts to be accurate. As a result, we were able to quickly recover and drive more than 50% sales increases in the visited stores.”

-Rain Bird National Account Manager, Rain Bird

“The market research from Premium was absolutely essential to our successful launch at retail. Not only did it help us refine our approach to the market including pricing and packaging, the data was critical in convincing the merchant to move forward.”

-PF WaterWorks President, PF Waterworks

“Premium’s creativity and market research capabilities set them apart from other consulting agencies in the industry. They have helped us conceptualize and market test ideas that will help us dramatically grow our hand tools business.”

-JS Products, Inc. President and CEO, JS Products, Inc.

“Premium was able to help us identify and size a completely new market for growth and turn our thinking 180 degrees on which channels to target.”

-Origin Point Brands VP Sales, Origin Point Brands

“The analysis was so compelling that Home Depot’s merchant team doubled their opening order right there in the meeting,”

-Lighting Science Group General Manager, Lighting Science Group

“I have been working as a vendor to retail for a long time at Black and Decker, Emerson and a couple of other large manufacturers. Our ability to react to what is happening in specific stores for specific SKUs is one of the most powerful retail tools that I have ever seen. On a monthly basis it drives real sales opportunities for us and for our retail partners. It also makes us a more valuable partner to the retailer and allows us to differentiate on something other than pure cost.”

-Lighting Science Group Vice President of Retail Accounts, Lighting Science Group