Market Assessment

Cut Once. Measure 100 Times.

Whether you are an established supplier with significant market share or a manufacturer new to the retail marketplace, developing and maintaining a leading market position requires more than a good understanding of the overall marketplace. It requires a thorough understanding of the marketplace. Components of a complete market assessment include total category dollar and unit sales, competitive landscape analysis like supplier market share, and a SWOT deep-dive of the competition.

Premium triangulates multiple sources of data to estimate market size and share. These data sources may include a primary consumer insights study, secondary market research, our own proprietary data, data and intelligence from the respective client, as well as any other publicly available sources of information. Utilizing the above information along with our consulting, business, and industry expertise, we provide our clients with a full market assessment used in Product Line Reviews, retail strategy projects, and other business development efforts.

In addition, Premium helps keep you in front of your competition by performing retail scans and competitive shops to identify new trends, challenges, and opportunities in the market. Our competitive shops give a great summary of what products are in retail and what is winning, allowing you to drill down to the item and feature level.

Please review our sample Market Assessment presentation that showcases the size and share of the market along with a detailed shop.